Star Event Manager for Blackberry

Best way to Track and Organize all your meetings, parties and other events. 5 splendid tracking options, Event Categorization, Event reminders, Easy User-Interfance & many more.
Personal Productivity,Business & Professional
Works with all Blackberry Devices

Star Event Manager is a Comprehensive Event Management Utility. Stores all your events with all the essential details. 5 Splendid Tracking options with categorization of events. Reminder of Event Start and End Dates at the startup. A Complete Event Management Utility.
Event Manager:
  • Any number of Event details can be added with user's choice.
  • Easy User-Interface.
  • Events are added with respect to Date and Time.
  • Events can also be entered with respect to Category and Status.
  • Simple way to Edit and Delete the Events.
  • Events are displayed in a date-sorted format.
  • All the essential details are covered for an event.
  • Every event detail can be viewed in a single report page.

  • Tracking Methods:
  • Events can be tracked with respect to Date, Month and Between Dates.
  • Events can also be tracked with respect to Category and Status.
  • Every option that is normally performed, can be used after using the tracking methods.

    Track by Month/Date/Between Dates

    Track by Category & Status

  • Events can be categorized with respect to categories.
  • Any number of categories can be added, deleted and modified.
  • 15 Categories under various types are given as default.
  • Search of Events can also be done with respect to categories.

  • Event Reminder:
    Reminder options provides reminders of Event Start Date and Event End Date with Time. Reminders will be activated at the Startup. Options for setting advanced reminders, with which reminders can be activated well before the Event Dates.

    Key Feautures:
  • Professionally and Newly designed user-interface that speeds up Data Entry and Easy Viewing.
  • 5 methods for Tracking Events.
  • Any number of event details can be entered.
  • Events can also be categorized with respect to various categories.
  • All essential details are covered for an event.
    Best way to manage your Events

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