Project Professional for Blackberry

Manage your Projects with Calendar, Phases, Tasks, Risks, Reviews, Meetings, Clients, Closure & Project Reports. Splendid Tracking options. Reminder of Important Dates at Startup.
Business & Professional,Personal Productivity
Works with all Blackberry Devices

Project Professional is a Comprehensive Project Management Utility. Safely stores Project details such as Project Schedule, Project Phases, Tasks for phases, Risks involved in a project, Project Reviews, Project Meetings, Client details, Closure report and Summary of a project. Reminder of Key Dates at the Startup. Advanced Reminder Settings option. A Complete Project Management Utility.
Project Detials:
  • Any number of project details can be added with user's choice.
  • Simple way to Edit and Delete the Projects.
  • Projects are displayed in a sorted format.

    Projects can be tracked by 4 following date formats.
    • Track by Start Month
    • Track by Start Date
    • Track by End Month
    • Track by End Date

  • Sub-Details:
    Following Sub-details can be entered for a project:
    • Project Calendar / Project Schedule
    • Project Phases
    • Tasks of a Project
    • Risks involved in a Project
    • Project Reviews
    • Minutes of Meeting
    • Clients of a Project
    • Closure Report
    • Project Report
  • Any number of sub-details can be added for a particular project.
  • Details Notes are provided for each sub-detail.
  • Every information of a sub-detail can be viewed in a Single Report Page.
  • Great options for Editing and Deleting.
  • Sub-details for each project are displayed in a sorted format.

    Stores the Schedule details of a project.

    Stores various Phases of a project with respect to Date and Contribution.

    Stores various Tasks of a project inlcuding Start and End Dates, Contribution, Status, Phases, Duration, Priority etc.

    Stores the Risks involved in a project along with Probability, Resolution, Plans etc.

    Stores the Review details of the project along with Errors and Actions.

    Stores the details regarding Meetings, Appointments and Calls with respect to a particular project.

    Stores the various Client details of a project including Contact details.

    Stores the details regarding Planning, Variance, Highlights, Achievements, Lessons and Issues of a project.

    Provides a complete summary of a particular project.
    Calendar / Schedule







    Closure Report

    Project Report

    Reminder options provides reminders of key dates which include:
    • Phase - End Date
    • Task - End Date
    • Date of Next Review
    • Meeting, Appointment & Call Dates
    Reminders will be activated at the Startup. Options for setting advanced reminders, with which reminders can be activated well before the due dates.

    Key Feautures:
  • Professionally and Newly designed user-interface that speeds up Data Entry and Easy Viewing.
  • Every data is stored in a sorted format.
  • Finest Date Tracking options, with which sub-details can be tracked by month, date and between two dates.
  • Reminder of Key Dates at the Startup. Advanced Reminder Settings option.
  • Any number of details can be added under all modules.
    From now on, manage your projects professionally

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