My Expense Manager

Manage and track expenses by month/date/category under multiple profiles. Extensive tools, Exports with Desktop Backup, Password Protection, Color Settings, Pleasant Icons & more.
Pocket PC
Finance,Personal Productivity
Works with all Pocket PC Devices(Pocket PC 2000/2002/2003/2003 SE/Windows Mobile 5.0/6.0 Devices)

Expense Manager is a Comprehensive Expense Management Software for Pocket PC. Expense Manager stores all the required details about your home, business, personal and other expenses under various profiles. Expenses of a particular profile can be tracked with respect to month, date and cagetory.

All the data in "Expense Manager" can be moved to your Desktop and can be copied back to your PDA by "Backup & Restore" option. This helps you to restore all your details after you hard reset your Pocket PC. 128-bit Encrypted Password Protection. HTML/Word/CSV Exports with Desktop Backups. Indomitable Color Setting Option. Most pleasant and attractive icons. Extensive tools for adding Categories and Payment method. A Complete Expense Management Utility for every Pocket PC User.
Works with Pocket PC 2000/2002/2003/2003 SE/Windows Mobile 5.0/6.0

  • Expenses can be stored under various profiles.
  • Add any number of expense Profiles.
  • Indomitable Search option.
  • Novel way of browsing your options through a Pop-up Menu.
  • Easy User-Interface.
  • Simple way of editing and deleting the profiles.
  • Profiles are listed in a sorted format.

  • Expense Manager:
  • Any number of expense detail can be added for a particular profile.
  • Expense details are added with respect to date.
  • All the essential details regarding an expense are covered.
  • Every expense detail can be viewed in a single report page.
  • Easiest way to add details from any page.
  • Great options for editing and deleting.
  • Pleasant and attractive icons are provided to choose from.
  • Editing an expense can be done through view page.
  • Expense details of a particular profile can be tracked with respect to date and month.
  • Expense details of a particular profile can also be tracked with respect to various categories.
  • Details in the Expense list for a particular profile can sorted with respect to date, title and amount.
  • Total expenses for a particular profile is displayed according to the tracking method.

  • Tracking Methods & Sorting
    Track by Month & Date
    Track by Category

    Sorting Methods

    Tools contains following 2 essential modules.
  • Category
  • Payment Method

    Any number of the above details can added and deleted. Addition of the above tools will be reflected in the other modules. It will have added advantage.

  • HTML/Test/CSV Export
    Password Protection

    Color Settings

    HTML/Word/CSV Exports:
    Details of a Profile along with expense details can be exported to HTML/Word/CSV Formats using a simple browser.
  • Expense details can be exported with respect to month, date and category.
  • Details are exported in a Sorted format.
  • Instant viewing of HTML/Word files after exporting.
  • Exported data can be backed up to the desktop.
  • Exported details can be stored anywhere in the Pocket PC.
  • Pleasant HTML Presentation.
  • Well-Structured Text File.
  • Perfectly Organized CSV Report.

    128-bit Encrypted Password Protection:
    Expense Manager is protected by a 128-bit encrypted Master Password. User can set their Master Password with Security Questions and Answers. Master Password prevents unauthorised use of your Secure details by others. It makes your details more secure.

    Color Settings:
  • Most Pulsating Color Setting option to have ever come out for Pocket PC.
  • Easiest way to change the colors of your choice.
  • Default options is provide to retain the default colors.
  • Background and Foreground Colors can be changed for the following Pages.
    • Main Page
    • Expense List
    • View Page
    • Tools List

    Data Backup & Restore:
  • All the "Expense Manager" data including sub-details can be backed up and restored.
  • Data can be backed up under various profiles.
  • Easiest way to backup and restore.
  • Backed-up data can be moved back to desktop and restored.
  • Detailed Backup and Restore procedure are provided in the manual.

  • Key Features:
  • Professionally and Newly designed user-interface that speeds up Data Entry and Easy Viewing.
  • Every data is stored in a sorted format.
  • Expense details can be tracked with respect to month, date and category.
  • Expense details can be sorted with respect to date, title and amount.
  • Total Expenses are provided for various tracking methods.
  • 128-bit Encrypted Master Password to ensure security.
  • Export Facility with Desktop Backup.
  • Most Pleasing Color Settings option is provided to improve the Presentation.
  • Any number of expense details can be added for a particular profile.
  • Novel way of browsing the options using a Pop-up Menu.
  • Adds Safety to your details.
  • No one can view the details except you.
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