Cholesterol Tracker for Android

Health Care Utility that tracks Cholesterol with Statistics. Options for tracking Appointments and Medications. Splendid Tracking, Tools, Reminders, Export, Utilities and more.
Health & Fitness,Personal Productivity
Works with all Android devices

Cholesterol Tracker is a Comprehensive Cholesterol, Health and Medical Management Software that tracks Personal, Cholesterol, Appointment and Medication details. Extensive tools which tracks Contacts, Physician, Physician Type, Hospital/Location, Medicine, Medication Type and Pharmacy.

Splendid Tracking Methods with Date, Name, Type and Relationship Tracking Options. Automatic Reminder Notification, Export option, Call/SMS/E-Mail Utilities, Statistical Comparison, Password Protection and many more. A complete Health Management Utility.
Cholesterol Tracker tracks the following details:
Personal Information:
Tracks personal details with all basic health and contact details.

Following Activities can be tracked for each personal detail.

Tracks Cholesterol with date/time along with LDL, HDL, Triglycerides, Total Cholesterol, Events and Activities.

Tracks appointments with respect to date & time, along with the physician, location, reason, diagnosis & treatment.

Tracks medication details with start date, stop date, take, dosage, physician & instructions.



Tracking Options:
Activity details of a person can be tracked with respect to description, type and period of tracking. Activities can be tracked using 9 types of date tracking options.

Statistical Comparison:
Statistical comparison of LDL, HDL, Triglycerides and Total Cholesterol can be done using the Statistics module. Statistics shows the high, low and average value of each parameter with date and time.

Extensive tools module helps to store important details in activities. Following Details can be tracked in Tools Module:
  • Contacts
  • Physician
  • Physician Type
  • Hospital/Location
  • Pharmacy
  • Medicine
  • Medicine Type

  • Reminder:
    Automatic reminder notifications are provided for Date of Birth of Person & Contact detail, Medicine Expiry Date, Appointment Date/Time and Next Medication Date/Time.

    Export Option:
    Details in Activities & Tools can be exported individually in CSV format. Personal detail along with activity details can also be exported separately.

    Password Protection:
    Cholesterol Tracker is protected by a Master Password, which prevents unauthorized use of personal health details.

    Options are available to Call Phone, Call Mobile, Send SMS/MMS, Send E-Mail according to the data saved.
    Maintain Cholesterol & Lead a Healthy Life

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